The miracle Solution for Bald head and Regrowth of hair is possible through Ayurveda and Herbs now , An Amazing and innovative idea for hair regrow on Bald Head.

Regrowth of hair on the Bald Head is possible now !!

People and vaidya/Hakeem always said, where Allopathy, Homeopathy fails, Ayurvada works there. And where Ayurveda works there any other medicine don’t work. I am going to share one of  vaidya/Hakeem’s experience and research of the his life , he grows successfully on Bald head without any side effect.
Ayurveda , and Traditional hebs  has always play a great role and come to our rescue when all other theories fail to promote hair growth.Ayurveda has plenty to give to such people,it is just that we have to show our faith in these herbs and explore them and gather more knowledge about them.Our ancestors were more close to nature and nearly every household held common herbs to treat some common aliments.
Today it seems that once again there is 'REVIVAL OF THIS GREAT SCIENCE and RESEARCH OF "AYURVEDA".
Here I am  sharing a great remedy for regrowth of hair on bald heads .Find the below herbs

The ingredients:

(1)Ajwain khurasani(Black Henbane / Stinking nightshade) 1/2 gram 

(2)Opium 1/2 gram 

(3) Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix both Ajwain khurasani(Black Henbane / Stinking nightshade) 1/2 gram and Opium 1/2 gram with vinegar(enough to make a smooth paste to apply on the head(use apple cider vinegar as it has Polyphenols,the natural antioxidants ,found in apples that helps to remove toxins from our body and some unwanted elements that cause hair loss and also promote hair growth)) Mix all the ingredients and make a paste in Mortar with pestle and apply it on the bald head for five to seven times in a week or rather everyday.The hair starts growing and make things possible for those who thought that their hair would never grow again.In due course of time they will have a lovely mane to see in a mirror.It is the best ever mentioned remedy to get rid of baldness in men or women and also has the capacity to stop hair loss any further,

Seeds of poppy are used as Tonic.The Milky juice from immature fruits of poppies yield opium. Ripe and dry poppy fruits contain only trace quantity of alkaloids and thus narcotic properties are mild.and is less effective.Thus using poppy seeds instead of using the latex opium will not give you real results.

There are many other ways to regrow hair on the bald head but the one mentioned above is un comparable.

The miracle Solution for Bald head and Regrowth of hair is possible through Ayurveda and Herbs now , An Amazing and innovative idea for hair regrow on Bald Head.
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  1. I really like this interesting and knowledgeable post, which is helpful for most of the people to stop hair loss. Thanks.
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    1. Thanks for Comment, Yes no doubt hair replacement is a permanent solution

  2. When we start to lose hair it is a scary thing. It is generally more accepted - and expected - that men lose their hair. But when women start to lose their hair, they will become stressed. And become stress that cause hair loss is more serious. It could be that excessive hair loss due to heredity baldness. To try this herb is also good for our hair to grow again. And better, we check our scalp for dermatology. Maybe we can get a good solution also from them. I have a site that has a lot of information and good for baldness. Just click on this site to know more.

  3. Below are the few tips to control the hair loss

    Vitamins: Try to consume more H, D and E vitamins
    Coconut oil: Coconut oil massage
    Amla: Massage with amla oil and rinse it off using cleanser
    Yogurt: Consume yogurt daily once
    Methi: Make Methi paste and apply it as a hair mask
    Onion juice: Apply the onion juice to your hair and leave it for 30–60 minutes
    Green Tea: Drink green tea
    Egg yolk mask: Apply egg yolk on your scalp and leave it for 30 min
    Henna: Make henna paste with henna leaves and water, apply it on your hair
    Curry leaves: Heat the curry leaves with coconut oil, after a while remove curry leaves and apply oil to your scalp.
    Follow these home remedies and you can control the hair loss