Is it Time You Had a Haircut? Here’s How to Tell

Is it Time You Had a Haircut? Here’s How to Tell
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Rules dictating how often we need to visit the hairdresser are so many. Some say 7-10 weeks, others 3-4 months. It’s not easy to know what is ideal for your locks. Visiting the salon doesn’t guarantee drastic changes though, so you are better off with regular trims than waiting for yourhair to get out of hand and having to consider hair extension. To ensure your locks are always in a perfect state, we have collected 11 signs that will automatically mean it’s time for you to have a haircut.

1. Your tips dry out faster than the rest of your hair
When you begin noticing that after your hair gets into contact with water the ends keep drying even before you reach out for the towel, there’s a high possibility that your ends have no life in them. Damaged cuticles hardly retain any moisture, as they become very porous. This is why they dry out much quicker and it’s time they got trimmed out.

2. Tangled hair
Damaged hair easily tangles. When you notice that it constantly gets supper knotty whenever you put a brush through it, it is time! You are better off taking care of such issues at an early stage, so that you don’t end up losing lots of hair in the future. Handling short hair is much more effortless as compared to long, voluminous, tangled hair.

3. Tapered ends
Ideally, your hair should maintain a uniform thickness all through. If you start noticing that your ends are becoming super wispy, it is time for a cut. Normally, when you hold a chunk of your hair against light, you will notice a line separating your thinned-out hair and your healthy hair. This should serve as the mark point where you will be doing the cut. You will then need to religiously trim it for maintenance.

4. It doesn’t hold style
Does your hair tend to fall flat a few hours after curling it? It could be because it is super damaged. Split ends are hardly controlledby heat; they only get worse. If your hair is constantly straightened using heat styling tools, regular trims are a must. Be sure to use heat protectants while at it because they significantly reduce the damage risk.

5. Your hair is no longer curly as it used to be
You may notice the disappearance of your naturally curly hair, and a replacement with straight tresses. Curly hair is usually bouncy, and when this disappears, it is a sign! Regular trims will maintain a super bouncy and fresh look. Dry hair hardly holds any curls because it had loosened up. At this point, it is worth going for a trim. Regular trims are recommended every 3-4 months for easier styling and maintenance.
6. Split ends
Split ends can never be fixed. Their presence automatically means the need for a cut. Let no one sell you product for “repairing split ends” because they never work! A split end keeps splitting up the shaft and your hair’s health will keep deteriorating. To fix this, you’ll need to get regular trims. A repairing mask helps damage prone and fine hair if added to a weekly routine. Regularly dust your ends to stay on top of splits.

7. Lost shape
The easiest way to maintain pixie cuts, bangs and other layered styles is by scheduling a haircut every 5-6 weeks. This will maintain the shape and cut of your style for a longer period of time. In addition, it prevents softening of blunt cuts as a result of longer salon breaks.

8. Dull look
Sometimes, your hair may lose its shine and start looking super damaged and dull. The difference between its shiny roots and dull ends becomes too conspicuous. This is then the best time to chop off the fried ends, deep condition the rest of your hair and apply a repairing mask. These nourishing treatments need to be done on a weekly basis to prevent further hair damage.

9. Uneven layers
Unless this is the style you have gone for, your hair should not be in a bunch of layers throughout your head. Uneven strands, formlessness, and flyaway are a common sign that a trim is the only way to get things back in order.

10. Stunted growth
Does your bathroom floor get cluttered with fallen strands once you are done doing you ‘do? When your hair seems to no longer increase in length, it’s clear it needs a little trim. Damaged ends cannot allow your hair to reach its full potential. Chopping off those run-down ends will do wonders to the progress of your tresses.

11. Frequent bad hair days
If your good hair days have now been replaced by bad hair days, if you’d rather have your hair in a messy bun all the time, you could be trying to hide damage or have outgrown your style. A haircut will freshen up your look and gives you something new to try

Bonus tip
Let your calendar be your guide
Whether or not you like it, you will need to have a regular trim every 8 weeks for you to retain your hair’s health and look. After all, it is the easiest way to get rid of damaged hair!

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