All about Follicular unit transplant(FUT) hair treatment

Get acquainted with FUT hair treatment
The first impression of every person depends on his visual appearance. Every person in this world does not want to lose hair. If a person loses his/her hair, then he feels incomplete in his visual appearance. So, if a person is facing from permanent hair loss then he/she have an option of FUT hair transplant technique. However, there are two types of treatments for hair transplant they are Follicular unit transplant(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). This article will give you a glimpse of FUT technique. Many clinics provide hair transplant surgery in many cities one of them is Dubai.
 Hair transplant cost in Dubai is not only affordable for patients but also provides you value. Many people got positive results after the treatment. FUT is older hair restoration technique.

This tis dcjdvdsdfasdasdfvfbsdasjdnckjddskjncoisdjcsodmijghureatment involves removal of tissue from the back side of the head or scalp which is called as donor area. Hair follicles are removed from the thin strip. Holes are made on the area where there these hair follicles are inserted which help to regrow the hair. After removal of hair follicles, they are studied under microscope and then the individual follicles are posted in the tiny holes which is called as recipient area. The needle is inserted by surgeon in the scalp which is minimised. This work is done strategically by the doctor. The part from which strip is removed is stitched properly, which leaves a linear scar on the scalp. In short it can be said as removal of thin stirp from donor and pasting the hair follicles in the recipient side.

Steps involved are:
·        Initially, the surgeon will study and carry out the removal of hair follicles from the back of head and are allocated in the balding area.
·        Hair in the donor area is to be trimmed before the surgery is to be started.
·        Then local anaesthesia is given on the trimmed part.
·        Now, the tissue from the donor area is removed surgically and that area is stitched properly.
·        Now comes the preparation of the follicular unit hair grafts. But before preparing, the tissue is researched under a microscope.
·        The balding area is kept ready for the surgical treatment. Tiny holes are made with an irregular pattern in that area.
·        Now the hair follicular unit grafts are placed in the tiny holes in the recipient area. Smaller grafts are placed in front while larger/denser are placed behind.
·        The sutures are removed approximately after two weeks of the surgery.
·        In this way the procedure gets completed and the holes heal automatically, and the redness in the recipient area vanishes within a week. The patients are kept on antibiotics for some days after the treatment.
There are several myths that hair transplant is costly, it leaves a scar, process is painful, elderly people cannot go for this treatment. All these are wrong things. Hair transplant is not so costly, if local anestheia is done then there will be no pain during the process, elder people can also go for the treatment. The FUT method results in a narrow linear scar on the backside of hair in diameter less than 1 mm. The scar is very thin, so it can be covered by different hairstyles. The results after transplantation are excellent. You will feel a natural look after the treatment. You will find that FUT technique is less expensive.
Hair transplant in Dubai is reasonable for patients because surgeons in Dubai are well advanced with their good knowledge and latest technology. There are many clinics which will provide you successful treatment. If you search many of them will provide free a consultation. Surely, hair transplant will change your visual appearance and will a decent look to your personality.

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