Misconceptions About Human Hair Extensions

Are you new to hair extensions? Have you been considering getting some new extensions but have been worried because of some of the negative things you have heard about hair extensions? The good news is that many of the “facts” you may have heard about human hair extensions are simply myths. Throughout this article, we are going to address some of the most prevalent misconceptions that surround hair extensions.


Misconception #1: Your Extensions Will Not Blend In With Your Natural Hair

You may have heard the myth that it is impossible to purchase human hair extensions that blend in with your hair. This is a particularly pervasive myth that people believe about clip-in and tape-in extensions. However, if you choose the right type of extension for your natural hair type, the extension will blend in with your hair and many people will be completely unable to notice that you have any hair extension. If you are uncertain about which style of hair extension is best for your hair, you can seek the advice of a professional hair stylist.
Misconception #2: Your Natural Hair Will Be Damaged
There are a variety of different types of hair extensions. The easiest of them to apply, clip-in extensions, do not cause any type of hair damage and can be safely applied on a daily basis before being taken out before bed. There are some styles, such as weaves, that can result in lasting damage. But there are multiple styles of extensions available and it is simply not true that all of them will cause your hair to become irrevocably damaged. The key to reducing the amount of damage that your hair will sustain is finding a good stylist who is experienced with putting in the style of hair extension that you wish to have. This stylist should be able to instruct you on how to take care of the extensions in order to further minimize any chance of damage. They will also be able to determine which type of extension strand is best for your particular type of natural hair. Trying to go for a cheaper stylist may result in significant hair damage, but that is the fault of the stylist, not the hair extension.
Misconception #3: You’ll Have a Headache Due to the Extra Weight
If your hair is normally very short, you will definitely notice the extra weight in your hair when you add hair extensions. But under normal circumstances, the hair extensions should not be heavy enough to cause you to have headaches.
There are two situations where you may experience some initial discomfort. The first situation involves the use of clip-in extensions at the scalp instead of lower in your natural hairline. The second situation is if you have a very sensitive scalp. Under these conditions, you may experience headaches with extensions. But these headaches would be no more extreme for people with sensitive scalps than an extremely tight ponytail.
Misconception #4: People Will Be Able to See Extension Tracks
One of the common fears is that people will be able to see proof of where your extensions have been clipped, glued, or weaved into your hair. This is a pretty understandable fear. Part of the reason for wearing natural hair extensions is to give your hair a natural-looking boost. If onlookers are able to detect the extension tracks, that would definitely ruin that aspect of choosing them. However, hair extensions that are professionally placed by hair stylists should not be noticeable to the public. For temporary hair extensions, you may take some practice to get them in correctly, but several Internet tutorial exist on how to blend your clip-ins with your hair to make sure that nobody can guess that you are wearing your extensions.
Misconception #5: Hair Extensions Tangle Easily
If you are purchasing human hair extensions, you have a couple of different choices in which type of extension to buy. If you choose Remy hair, the cuticles will be aligned and it will not tangle very often. If you choose non-Remy hair, the cuticles will not be aligned, and you may experience additional tangling difficulties. Regardless of what type of extension you purchase, you can drastically decrease the tangling that you experience by simply brushing your human hair extensions repeatedly.
Misconception #6: Taking Care of Your Extensions is a High Maintenance Proposition
There is a common misconception that having hair extensions requires you to spend additional time in the salon. This is particularly true of hair extension styles that are semi-permanent. But realistically, many women find themselves going to the salon every couple of months for a good trip or touch-up to their roots. For women with hair extensions, the trip to the salon is typically no more than every 2 to 4 months, depending on the type of style they choose and how fast their hair grows.
Misconception #7: Sweating or Swimming Can’t be Done With Extensions

With human hair extensions, you are including natural hair as part of every day routine. While synthetic hair extensions may not stand up to the demands of the gym, your natural hair extensions will. They will be able to withstand beach visits, spin classes, and blow drying. 

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