Hair Care Guide: Awesome Solutions For Your Hair Disease

Hair Care Guide: Awesome Solutions For Your Hair Disease

Solutions For Your Hair Disease

Hairs are our crown. I mean literally, it is the crown sitting on our head equally important for both male and female. Hair grooming is considered to be very important part of everyone’s life. In the light of above statement, I have something to add-on, “There is one more important thing”.
What is it?
Having a head full of hairs. Yes, that is the logic I am talking about. If you don’t have hairs in your head what are you gonna groom!!! Sparklings right (Meaning no offence fellas)? So, this gives me an idea to come up with a post that will help you in fighting all types of hair diseases that can end up making your head bald.
Hairfall is always the first symptoms of all hair diseases. It starts with hair loss and will end up in baldness. So, what to do? Read this post if you want to solve this problem.

Fact Check For Hair Growth

Here are some fast facts about your hair and hair growth that will surely amaze you,
l  There are over 5 millions of follicles of hairs all over our body. Out of these only 100,000 of the follicles are in our head.
l  Out of such number, 10 percent of follicles are in the limbo aka resting state. As these follicles are distributed evenly on your body, you will not see any pattern of baldness.
l  The most common myth about hair goes like the pattern baldness is genetically triggered. Contrary to this myth, hair does not follow genetic patterns from the mother side only, it may have been triggered by the genes of the father as well. The hairs happen to be polygenic in nature which supports this fact.
l  Covering the most bizarre misconception. Sun causes hair loss!!!! Yes, it may damage the existing hairs on your head but they never can cause permanent hair loss.
Now, let’s get you to the tips with help of which you can solve your hair disease problem.

The Hair Care Guide (Naturally)

In this guide, we will first cover the natural cures for hair loss. So, follow these breadcrumbs and save your hairs in your head!!!!
l  A good head massage with natural products may increase the growth of your hairs. They usually increase the blood flow to your head with the help of the absorbed nutrients. Natural products which have essential oils such as Fenugreek and Aloe vera are perfect to minimize the hair loss and they are effective.
l  Indian Gooseberry commonly known as Amla is also very effective in terms to minimize hair loss significantly. It is very popular for its antibacterial effect.
l  In order to treat and prevent your hair damage and loss, you can use Licorice root. It provides a targeted effect by soothing your scalp. Also, it is very beneficial in the state of dandruff, dry flakes, and all sorts of scalp irritations.
l  You must have heard about or used castor oil. You can use it for treating any of your hair diseases. This essential oil also deemed by many as a miracle oil. It consists of omega-6 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin E that will help you in maintaining the moisture of your hair and also increases the hair growth. Apply it thoroughly from your hairs to all the way down to your strands. Blow it dry for 15 minutes or so. Then wash it properly with shampoo and conditioner.
Follow these home remedies and see positive effects instantly. Apart from these home remedies, we would also like to mention some medical treatments as well if the hair loss is far too much.

Hair Care Guide (Surgical Treatments)

With the development of the medical realm, there are ample of treatments available from which you can opt for. Let’s discuss them briefly (Maybe that’s the solution you are looking for),

l  Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUI)

In FUI, a small portion of your skin in your scalp is taken out and divided into single grafts. These grafts are then planted on your bald patches with the help of fine needles and anaesthetics.

l  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this process, there is no risk of any scare as there is no use of needles and stitches. Single follicle grafts are cut with a machine and then the transplantation process begins. It is more difficult but then at the same time it is high-yielding and the recovery rates are also very good. Most of the people choose FUE rather than FUT.

Conclusive Remarks

There are more than hundred treatments (including natural and cosmetics) which can help you in the case of your hair loss. Once you know them, use your conscience and analyse which one is better for you.
In case of surgery, expert’s opinion matters a lot. Contact a expert or a cosmetic surgeon before you go for any surgery. Hairs are an asset to your looks. Save them and remain dashing as you are.
I hope you like the points. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Till then, have a great day ahead.

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Sheetal Goswami is Working as Blogger for Tricity Institute Of Plastic Surgery, a well-known plastic surgery institute which specializes in Hair transplant in India. She has been blogging for several years about the fusion of Medical Science. She is a voracious follower of medical achievements and loves to share all about it.

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