What to Consider If You Want To Have a Hair Transplant

What to Consider If You Want To Have a Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a surgical process used to transfer hair from a part of the body to another part of the body. The process is less aggressive and it is mostly a process carried out to treat baldness especially on the male species. Hair transplant helps to shoot up the rate of hair thickness and make sure the hair is full again.

The recent method of hair transplant gives an ageless outcome which allows for picking of follicular hair clusters. A method referred to as follicular hair transplantation (FUT). The process is divided into two, follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip harvesting.
The strip harvesting involves the removal of skin strips that grows hair efficiently and implanting them on the areas of the body showing baldness. Surgeons are usually keen on this kind of process because it rarely leaves scars at the site of harvest and recovery time is short and will not last more than two weeks.

Follicular unit of extraction is a method which allows for the manual removal of clusters of hair from their root and then placed on the part without hair. This process consumes time a lot because of the manual application of hairs. The resulting effect of this process appears very natural and there are no scars left. Follicular unit extraction is expensive but highly efficient.
However, the process of recuperation and care given to the hair may prove to be very expensive.

Below Are the Things to Consider Before Having a Hair Transplant
Going for a hair transplant is a very important decision and reasons for this vary. The pricing tends to be one of the important reasons because hair transplant requires experts and experienced surgeons. When a patient opts for a cheap hair transplant it can leave a very bad effect that is likely to cause psychological breakdown and also a physical damage.

·        How important is the hair transplant to you: if you are experiencing hair loss and it has become a worry for you, contact experts and all necessary steps to take will be highlighted to you.
·        Etiology of your hair loss: the cause of the hair loss Is important and it will help the surgeon decide which treatment is best suitable for you.
·        Age: the number of years you have spent alive will also help to determine the pattern at which your hair is being lost. This is important before undergoing surgery. Patients who are below ages 25 are most likely to get medical treatment at first and in most cases this has shown to have a profound effect.
·        Possible challenges presented by the surgical process:getting a hair transplant surgery is a highly safe and low risk process. Complications are minimal except when attempting to get a cheap hair transplant which poses a significant risk of deformation of hair.
·        Recovery Time: the type of method adopted for the transplant will determine how fast your recuperation will be. However patients are able to go back to work within a number of days.
·        The success rate of hair transplant: the success rate has been known to be very high in the region of 95 to 98% in patients that do not smoke. Also availability of standard surgical procedures will also tell in the success rate.
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